The Peer Recovery Art Project was born from a class developed through the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Peer To Peer. Our group suggested a continued avenue for peer support that could use non-traditional means to unite us in community-based projects that were all-inclusive with no labeling. This was the birth of our continuous campaign to end stigma and how our collaborative begun. Our first informal gathering was at Modesto Blues and Untied Community Walk 2007.

The Peer Recovery Art Project Incorporated is an informally networked 'street team' that promotes special events that offer community-based awareness, mutual aid, and support. It is an art collaborative, in which some of the contributing artists may have lived experience as mental health consumers, and their art may reflect that experience but the emphasis is on respect of the art. There are hundreds of people supporting and networking within the Art Project to end stigma. The project was founded and is driven by mental health consumer activists who prefer to be known simply as artists.


Peer Recovery Art Project is embarking on a new chapter of community development. In addition to our gallery and festival production we now have developed projects that fit better under this initiative. Our new CalMHSA, Prop 63 Mental Health Services Act funded Stigma Discrimination Reduction Speakers Bureau and the partnership with So Easy So Good folks as well as our most amazing International Arts Exhibition. Join us as we launch this new movement to assist with Peer Recovery Art Project's dream to build an all inclusive and therefore healthier community. We welcome like minded people and or organizations to post their efforts as they unfold.


Peer Recovery Art Project has just been awarded an anti-stigma grant to expand our speakers bureau. Thank you to all who believe in our Healthier Community Arts Initiative and watch for our new media campaign as we launch our new web presence and social media marketing plan. We will recover together as a united all inclusive community. Peer Recovery Art Project rules.